Making Stencils Your Photographs | HOW TO

How to make stencils from your photographs? You can used your old photographs that look funny for your stencil art collection....

Then, how to do making an art stencil at your own home? 
See these guide to make them funny...
Step by step how to make stencils from your photographs:

  • Copy your picture. You'll be making cuts in it, and you won't want to ruin your great picture.
  • Now tape the copy of the picture to the foam board. If you don't tape it, your stencil won't turn out as great as your picture is.
  • Trace, on your copy, where you plan to cut. If you are cutting out a stencil of your cat, trace around the cat. If you are cutting out a stencil of a Ferris wheel, trace around the wheel and in the spaces between the supports.
  • Grab your Exact-O knife. This is the tricky part. I suggest cutting slow and steady, and pushing down hard, so that you cut all the way through.
  • Cut exactly on your previously drawn lines. When you're done, lift away the picture and the foam board scraps. You should now see a beautiful cat, Ferris wheel, or whatever else you made a stencil of.
  • Enjoy...

Once you have your stencils, you can do anything with them: use them for school projects, decorate a candle, party favors, give them to a kids center, etc.

Be careful with the knife. I think you like your fingers, and a bad cut can ruin your stencil.

You will need:
  • Foam board - the type that if you stick your finger into it, it crinkles and makes a slight indentation.
  • Exact-O knife
  • Great picture (photographs) - one that can be cut out to be recognizable as what it is. For example, a stencil of a computer screen might be difficult to recognize.
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